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How to not get lost when hiking with a GPS

Simply having a GPS is not enough when you're hiking – you have to know how to use it. Taking the time to prepare yourself can make a huge difference in your travels.
Although the compass and map have traditionally been the reliable tool of hikers, the Global Positioning System has become an essential tool for many hikers on trips of any distance.
Global Positioning Systems can offer hikers their exact position on the globe, and, if using a 3D fix, users can also know their altitude. Many devices are battery operated and hand-held; often small enough to put into the pocket. Zoom in and out functions allow users to know where they are in relation to their immediate surroundings, or get a better sense of the lay of the land beyond them.

Hiking GPS style can be critically useful, but it requires preparation. Users have to decide whether they will use the Global Positioning system exclusively for the purpose of knowing their specific position on the globe, prepare specific points on the globe whose bearings they want to work toward, or download specific hiking GPS maps that can guide users along trails and roads that they are using to go where they need to. Downloading these maps means that hikers only need their device and can follow the map at their will. Without a specific map, it is important to have a destination in mind and use the device to pursue that specific location.
The Global Positioning System for hikers functions in a way very similar to the standard compass, but it offers far more accuracy and requires far less work to maintain positioning. Because of that, there is limited need to adjust, when using the device during the hike, or to confirm location when there is confusion.
Using a Hiking GPS device, users can depend on the Global Positioning System to guide them and devote more attention to enjoying the world they set out to explore, whether out in the woods or exploring in unfamiliar urban territory.

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